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Motorcycle Suspension Upgrade | Tier Motor

Motorcycle Suspensions Off-Road  | Tier Motor

Motorcycle steering and suspension that keep you in control

Motorcycle Forks Upgrade

Tier patented Four-Bar Steering Mechanism™ is the only steering design unaffected by uneven terrain. Road imperfections tending to steer your front wheel will not be fed back into the handlebars like on standard forks equipped motorcycles. Light steering in mug or sand also comes standard on Tier Motorsports equipped bikes.

Motorcycle Suspensions On-Road  | Tier Motor

Goodbye nose dive and handlebar wobble.

Our front swingarm suspensions are usually set to 50% anti-dive (vs 90% pro-dive on forks) which give you just the right amount of feel for how much
braking you are putting into the front tire. Suspensions no longer need to be set hard to avoid dive and can instead be properly tuned to the road condition. Minor dive also means the ability to use the front brake while cornering.

Motorcycle Suspension Rebuild

Wobble (movement, sometime violent, of the handlebar that can appear at 40 MPH and above) is directly related to the mass of the steering system. The heavier the steering the more likely and violent the wobble will be. The Tier steering linkage is over 10 times lighter than a conventional front fork, which makes wobble a thing of the past. This is possible since the swingarm handles the suspension loads and the steering linkage is left to handle the steering forces.

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